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Passionate Educators


Director and Headteacher

I am so proud to be the Head teacher at Willow Park School. I have worked with children with SEN for many years and it is my pleasure to welcome children at Willow Park School and watch them grow and develop their independence and communication.



Director Business Manager

As the business manager I support the headteacher by overseeing the business and its operations. Willow Park School is an exciting place, with dedicated staff supporting children with their educational development and their EHCP progress.



Teacher and Literacy and communication lead

Introducing Tania Hales-Richardson: Leading Literacy and Communication at Willow Park School

Tania Hales-Richardson, a dynamic teacher at Willow Park School who leads the way in literacy and communication. With her expertise and dedication, Tania ensures that students develop strong literacy skills and effective communication abilities, setting them up for success both inside and outside the classroom.



TA with maths specialism and SALT Support

Introducing Samantha Brown: Level 3 Teaching Assistant and Maths Specialist at Willow Park School 

Samantha Brown, a highly skilled Level 3 Teaching Assistant at Willow Park School, specializing in mathematics education. Samantha's dedication to enhancing students' mathematical abilities is evident in her innovative teaching methods and unwavering support for their learning journey. Additionally, Samantha brings unique expertises as a Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) support worker, further enriching the educational experience for all students at Willow Park School.



Assistant Teacher

Introducing Helen Culling: Our Sensory Support Teaching Assistant and PSHE Specialist
Helen Culling, our exceptional teaching assistant and PSHE specialist at Willow Park School. Helen's passion for sensory support shines through in her dedicated work, ensuring every student receives the support they need to thrive. With her expertise in PSHE, she plays a crucial role in nurturing students' personal development, social skills, and health education. Helen's commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment makes her a valued member of our school community.



Assistant Teacher

Introducing Kirsty Madeley: Our Outdoor Learning Specialist Teaching Assistant

Kirsty Madeley, our dedicated teaching assistant at Willow Park School, specializing in outdoor learning, British values, and protected characteristics. Kirsty's passion for outdoor education and her commitment to promoting British values and safeguarding protected characteristics enrich the learning experiences of our students. With her innovative approaches and dedication to inclusivity, Kirsty plays a pivotal role in fostering a holistic educational environment where every student can thrive.

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