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Our School

Our Vision, Our Mission and Our Aims

Vision: Dream. Believe. Exceed.

Mission: With children at the heart of everything we do, we want to support and motivate children with a unique approach to develop confidence and independence. We will endeavour support the children to maximise their social, emotional and educational well-being. 


1.    To prepare children to be the best they can be in readiness for their steps in the future

2.    To create a safe, supportive, and vibrant space for children to develop and achieve.

3.     To celebrate each child's uniqueness, individuality, talents and achievements.

4.    To build strong and positive relationships with families, specialists and the wider community.

5.    To support each child to develop their independence and communication. Developing the whole child is central at Willow Park.

6.    To give staff high quality opportunities and training that will enhance the learning culture for our children.

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